Rented property licensing

Selective Licensing

Selective licence

The Selective licensing designation scheme was launched on the 1 June 2023.

Landlords who rent out or let residential accommodation that is not a Mandatory or Additional HMO (House in multiple occupation) in the borough (except for Stratford Olympic Park & Royal Victoria wards) will be required to apply for a Selective licence from the council. 

A Selective Licence costs £750, for up to 5 years. However, there are discounts available for a Licence Holder who is a certified member of a landlord accreditation organisation and has a warmer home rated EPC of A+, A, B or C could reduce the online application fee down to £650 for the licence.  More information on licence fees, discount eligibility and the documentation you will need for your application can be located on our Licence Fees and charges page.

Apply for a Selective Licence

Selective licence zones

Selective licensing zones were introduced to deal with problems of poor housing conditions, significant and persistent anti-social behaviour and high levels of deprivation found within Newham.

The 1 June 2023 Designation applies accordingly to all wards in the London Borough of Newham excepting and excluding Royal Victoria and Stratford Olympic Park.

Wards included in Designation: Beckton, Boleyn, Canning Town North, Canning Town South, Custom House, East Ham, East Ham South, Forest Gate North, Forest Gate South, Green Street East, Green Street West, Little Ilford, Manor Park, Maryland, Plaistow North, Plaistow South, Plaistow West & Canning Town East, Plashet, Royal Albert, Stratford, Wall End & West Ham.

Wards excluded from Designation: Royal Victoria & Stratford Olympic Park.(PDF)

You can check your property ward using Newham’s Interactive Map

View an interactive map of the new wards and boundaries

If your property is situated within an excluded ward (Royal Victoria & Stratford Olympic Park), you are not required to apply for a Selective or Additional Property Licence or request confirmation of exemption from the local authority.

All privately rented properties within a selective licensing zone must be licensed, regardless of their occupation and size. Landlords without a licence may be prosecuted and may no longer be able to operate their business.

Selective Licensing Exemptions

In some cases, properties maybe exempt from the requirement of Selective licensing.  The following list gives those exemptions:

  • The house is a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO).
  • A Temporary exemption notice is in force (s.62 or s.86 Housing Act 2004)
  • A management order is in force (s.102 or s.113 Housing Act 2004)
  • The tenancies or licences are granted by registered social landlords and housing providers.
  • The tenancies and licences are subject to a prohibition order whose operation has not been suspended. (s.20/s.21 Housing Act 2004)
  • The tenancy is a business tenancy
  • Certain premises licensed for alcohol consumption (only on- licences not off licences)
  • Certain agricultural tenancies
  • Buildings controlled or managed by a Local Housing Authority
  • Buildings controlled or managed by Police.
  • Buildings controlled or managed by fire brigade
  • Buildings controlled or managed by Health Service Body
  • Tenancies, licences etc. regulated by other enactments
  • Certain University/College accommodation occupied by students
  • Where the owner or his relatives occupy a property on a long leasehold
  • Where landlord lets to certain relatives
  • Holiday Homes
  • Where landlord/licensor or his relative lives at the property and shares facilities with a maximum of two lodgers

If you think that your property is exempt from the requirement of licensing, please contact us

Apply for a multi-dwelling licence

If you own multiple dwellings in a single building, you may be able to apply for a multi-dwelling Selective licence.  

To apply, send us an email to register your interest and details of the addresses to be licensed. We will then get in touch to discuss your case.

More information on Multi-dwelling licence fees and eligibility can be located on our Licence Fees and charges page.