Rented property licensing

Types of licensing application

There are four types of application for privately rented property licences.

New application

You should make a new application if:

  • This is the first time you have applied for a property licence
  • You want to change the licence holder
  • You have been refused a licence
  • Your licence has been taken away from you
  • Your licence has expired.

A licence usually lasts for five years.

Apply for a licence

Licences with a smaller period of time

We may give you a licence for a smaller period of time if:

  • We have any worries about the management of the licence or property
  • You do not return the application paperwork on time
  • You did not respond when we asked you send additional information so we could process your application.

If we plan to reduce the length of your licence, this will be shown clearly on the draft licence we send to you and any other interested parties (such as the manager, owner, mortgage provider, freeholder, leaseholder).

If you do not agree with the shortened term you have the right to appeal before we issue your licence. However, if we have any concerns about the management of the property, or you have been subject to enforcement action, we will issue you a licence with a shortened term.


Selective Licences expiring on the 28.02.2023 cannot be renewed.  Landlords and managing agents in control of Selective licences that soon expire will be contacted following the current designation expiry in February 2023 with further information on how to apply for a Selective Licence for the new designation scheme commencing on the 1st June 2023.

For further information and updates in February 2023 please visit Property licensing consultation – Newham Council.

If your Selective, Additional or Mandatory Licence expires before the 27.02.2023 you should renew your licence if it is about to expire and you still wish to licence the property.  Please note if the date of your licence expiry has passed you cannot renew online.  You can only renew existing licenses, you will need to apply for a ‘new application’ using the section above.

A Renewal Licence Application can only be made:

  • When the Property licence is ‘Issued’,
  • The original applicant is the current licence holder
  • The original applicant has access to the My Newham account that made the application
  • The applicant holds the current issued licence reference number.

If you were not the original applicant you will need to make a new application for your property once the current licence expires.

Renew an existing licence 

There are three renewal types "Simple Renewal, Simple Renewal with changes or Full Renewal”.

To use the original details entered of your previous application as you have no changes to make select "Simple Renewal".

To edit some of these application details select "Simple Renewal with changes".  Please note you will not be able to change the Licence type, Applicant or Proposed Licence Holder details using this renewal type. If these have changed at all please select ‘Full Renewal’

If the Licence type has changed, or you wish to fill in a new blank application for a property with an existing Licence please select "Full Renewal".

You should also tell us if the property is no longer licensable or in your control. Please email


You (the licence holder) should make this type of application if you have a licence and:

  • We have made a change
  • You have made a change
  • There is a change of address or details of any interested party such as the manager, owner, mortgagor, freeholder, leaseholder
  • There is a change of manager (unless they are also the licence holder)
  • There is a change to the maximum number of people living in a property and/or number of households.

You currently cannot make this type of application online. To tell us about a change email Make sure you include the full address of the property.


You (the licence holder) should make this type of application when:

  • There is a new proposed licence
  • The property has been sold
  • The property no longer needs to be licensed.

You currently cannot make this type of application online. To tell us about a change email Make sure you include the full address of the property.