Rented property licensing

Appealing a Property Licence decision

The Property Licensing & Technical Support Team will work hard to support applicants throughout the application process and to assist you in meeting the criteria in order to qualify for a licence.

Licences with a smaller period of time

A licence usually lasts for five years.

We may give you a licence for a smaller period of time if:

  • We have any worries about the management of the licence or property
  • You do not return the application paperwork on time
  • You did not respond when we asked you to send additional information or make payment of the licensing fee so we could process your application.

If we plan to reduce the length of your licence, this will be shown clearly on the draft licence we send to you and any other interested parties (such as the manager, owner, mortgage provider, freeholder, leaseholder).

Should you not agree with the shortened term you have the right to appeal before we issue your licence. However, if we have any concerns about the management of the property, or you have been subject to enforcement action, we will issue you a licence with a shortened term.

If a landlord feels that, the council has made a decision that is unfair, in the first instance we would request that they contact the Property Licensing & Technical Support Team at the council on so that we can explain the reasons for our decision and hopefully resolve the problem.

If, however, the landlord still feels that the council has acted unfairly by:

  • Refusing to grant a licence.
  • Imposing certain conditions on a licence.
  • A decision to vary a licence.
  • A decision to revoke a licence.

The landlord can appeal to the Residential Property Tribunal (RPT). The RPT is an expert independent tribunal that act in the same way as the County Court to confirm, vary or overturn the council’s decision.  You will have 28 days from the date on which the decision was made.

Residential Property Tribunal Service
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