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Applying for housing in Newham

A council home may not be the best option for you. We are here to help you look at all your housing options before you apply to join the housing register.

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How to join the housing register

Everyone must apply online through My Newham.

Based on the information you include in your application, we will tell you whether you have been successful within 28 days.

At some point we will ask to see documents to confirm your details, so make sure you fill in your application truthfully and accurately.


Qualifying to join the housing register

To qualify to join the housing register:
  • you must have lived in Newham continuously for at least two years
  • you must have a local connection to Newham, through your family or job.
Find out how we allocate council homes to see if you qualify to join our housing register.

Bidding for a council home

After you join the housing register, you will be able to bid (apply) for a home through the East London Lettings Company (ELLC). You can bid:
  • using an ELLC kiosk
  • by phone
  • by text.
Properties are advertised on the ELLC website.
Find out more about bidding for a council home
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