Healthy School Streets


Car healthy school streets 2

Who is exempt?

During the restricted hours vehicles/motorbikes registered at any of the addresses within the zone will be permitted to drive into the Pedestrian and Cycle Only zone area.

Exemption List:

  • Residents and businesses, that live within the restricted pedestrian zone that have an active resident, business or access permit.
    • Active Resident Parking Zone permits linked with and address within the restriction zone receive automatic exemption linked with their account.
    • Off Street residents within the restriction zone must apply for a free “Access Permit” (These permits can be applied for through MiPermit using the following link:
  • Emergency vehicles (Police, Ambulances and Fire Services)
  • Disabled Badge access permit holders only (This does not include all disabled badge holders) Eligible Blue badge holder must apply online with the following evidence
    • Evidence of current work within the restriction zone
    • Evidence of direct access requirement (child escort, or work requirement)
    • Front and back copies of blue badge card along with proof of access requirement (proof of employment, letter from school proving child’s enrolment)

Please Note: Permits must be active to be exempt, and it the driver’s responsibility to ensure that their permit(s) are renewed before they expire.

If you enter a Healthy School Street zone with an expired permit you are liable to receive a Penalty Charge Notice.