Healthy School Streets


Car healthy school streets

Results from Healthy School Streets so far...

The council is proud of the progress of the programme so far but continue to strive for improvement in terms of the quantity and quality of our healthy school streets.

Air Quality Results display on average reductions of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) of 31% in the AM peak hour and 20% in the PM peak hour outside of active schools. These results have been focused at key entrances comparing before and after implementation.

Road Safety Results differ site to site but reports from head teachers describe the atmosphere at peak hour as much more safe and friendly to children arriving.

Active Travel Results outline increases of sustainable travel options as high as 26% at some schools based off the Transport For London STARs Hands Up Survey. Overall across all schools we have seen the rise in walking increase on average by 10% and we continue to support schools to develop their travel plans and educate for sustainable modes of travel.

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