Healthy School Streets

Do I need to apply for a permit?

During the restricted times residents and businesses who have their vehicles or motorcycles registered at any of the addresses within the zones will be permitted to drive into the Pedestrian and Cycle Only zone.

If you already have a Resident Parking Permit, a Disabled Parking Permit or a Business Parking Permit issued for an address within the zone you do not need to do anything as your number plates will automatically be added to the ‘Approved List’.

If you are a resident within the restriction zone with off-street parking or are a blue badge holder who lives outside the zone but requires direct access you will need to apply to be added to the ‘Approved List’.

Emergency services and black cabs will be exempt from PCNs along active streets at all times. Other drivers such as visitors, delivery services and school employees driving without a valid HSS specific permit will be issued a live PCN upon entry into the pedestrian and cycle only zone during operational hours. PCNs can be reversed if relevant proof can be provided to the appeals team

How do I apply?

You will need to apply online to be issued with a virtual permit if you:

  • park off-street within the restriction zone above with no other permits registered to your address
  • are a Business Permit holder whose vehicle is registered at any of the above addresses and is ordinarily kept there overnight

Blue Badge holders must identify reasonable access requirements for example;

  • You currently work within the restriction zone
  • You or your child is a blue badge holder and must be escorted to school using a vehicle

Front and back copies of blue badge card along with proof of access requirement (proof of employment, letter from school proving child’s enrolment) must be provided to our inbox at

Register for our online parking system

You will need to register for our online parking system at Please visit the Access Permits section and complete the application, uploading your proof of address and proof of vehicle documents. You will receive a confirmation email but please note paper copies of the virtual permit will not be issued and cannot be used as a parking permit.

If you change your vehicle, please remember you will need to cancel your permit via MiPermit Newham and apply again for your new vehicle or you risk receiving a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) for entering the scheme area during the timed access restrictions.