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Newham is committed to not only just the Healthy School Streets programme but other initiatives to help towards London’s Net Zero Goals

Healthy Route Maps

We have mapped out direct, healthier, and safer routes to school.

These walking routes have been assessed using traffic and air pollution data, pedestrian counts and safer crossing points. By avoiding the high traffic streets, your children’s exposure to pollution can be reduced by around 50% and could reduce asthma complications.

View the Healthy Route Maps

Low Traffic Neighbourhood

A Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) is predominantly residential area that is bounded by main roads, in which a set of modal filters has been installed to prevent motor vehicles from using the residential area as a shortcut. Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

Air Quality Action Plan

Every year we review our progress in meeting the air quality actions in our plan and if air quality has improved. You can read about our progress in our Annual Review and assessment report.

Air Quality Action Plan, progress and delivery