Healthy School Streets


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Why are Healthy School Streets being implemented?

The Healthy School Streets programme has three main core principles.

  • Improving Air Quality: One in seven of Newham’s population are exposed to levels of Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) that is above the UK limit value for human health. On average, Newham residents are also exposed to a level of airborne particulate matter (PM2.5) that is 35% greater than the World Health Organisation guidelines. Poor air quality in the borough kills 96 residents every year.
  • Increasing Road Safety: Reports from Head Teachers all over the borough outline collisions and near misses that happen on a daily basis as a result of vehicles on the school run. In many cases these issues lead to collision with children on their way to school and is an unnecessary added pressure to the relationship between active travel and private vehicles trips.
  • Promoting Active Travel: Millions more people are walking and cycling following COVID-19, and progress has already been made towards Net Zero targets that active travel should make up at least half of all journeys in towns and cities by 2030. Healthy School Streets and other Newham sustainable schemes are a step towards a greener future.

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