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Essential maintenance this weekend to our Housing Management System and planned website maintenance work
Housing Rent Account Balances and some Online Customer Forms will be unavailable via My Newham from Friday 20 September at 5pm until Monday 23 September 2019. Customers can still make payments, but online account balances will not be updated until Monday 23 September 2019. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.​

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Making Newham more energy efficient

On this page you can find out what we are doing to cut fuel poverty and improve the energy efficiency of homes in Newham.
Electricity meter

​Measuring gas and electricity consumption and carbon emissions

The Government’s Department of Energy and Climate Change measures:
  • how much gas and electricity is used in all homes and
  • the amount of carbon dioxide gas produced in the power station to supply the gas and electricity you use at home. This total is then divided by the number of residents in the borough to provide an estimate per person - this is called your ‘domestic carbon footprint’.
You can find out:
  • how Newham’s domestic carbon footprint compares to other London boroughs and
  • the average gas and electricity use in homes in Newham and how it compares to predictions for energy use

Fuel poverty

The Government publishes statistics every year on the percentage of households in the borough it thinks are suffering from fuel poverty.
A household is said to be in fuel poverty if the amount of money it needs to spend to heat the home to an acceptable temperature, reduces its income to below the poverty line.

How we use this information

We use the data in these reports to help us target the right homes with information about schemes to make homes more energy efficient.
In turn, this helps to cut the number of excess winter deaths and improve the health of residents.
You can find out what we are planning to do to:
  • improve the energy efficiency of our homes in Newham
  • reduce fuel poverty and
  • cut carbon emissions

Helping you to become more energy efficient

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