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Money management

There is plenty of advice available to help you manage your money, make the most of your savings and pensions and get value for money with mortgages, loans and insurance.

​We have tools and advice to help you manage your debts and claim the benefits you are entitled to.
Money in notes and coins and a calculator

Money management advice

The Government’s Money Advice Service can help you make the most of your money.

Managing your money better


Bank accounts and credit or debit cards


Money saving tips


Borrowing money


Homes and mortgages




Pensions and retirement



MoneyWorks is funded by Newham Council to help save you money. An ethical and affordable alternative to high-cost short-term credit firms who exploit residents with extortionate rates of interest.

We work in partnership with London Community Credit Union (LCCU) to offer residents better deals on financial products as well as help with debts and money management.
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