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Nationality checking

If you are applying for British citizenship, we can check that you have completed your application to the Home Office correctly, with all the necessary documents and the right fee.
British passport

What happens at your appointment

We will:
  • check your citizenship application form to make sure and that you have completed all the necessary sections correctly
  • verify and certify your documents and give them back to you
  • take the Home Office fee from you
  • send your application and the fee to the Home Office by Special Delivery.
By using this service, the Home Office may be able to deal with your application more quickly because we will check it is correct before we send it.

You can also keep hold of your documents (such as your passport) rather than sending them to the Home Office.

Passport application update

With immediate effect we are no longer able to accept appointments for the Joint Citizen and Passport application service (JCAP) when you book a Nationality Checking Service appointment with us.​
If you wish to use the JCAP service you will need to submit you nationality application using the Government's new online application service.

We will soon be introducing a new service to support the Government's new online application called the Nationality Document Return Service (NDRS). When this new service is available you will be able to submit your passport application at the time of your NDRS appointment.    

Further information on when this service will be available and how to book an appointment will be available nearer the time.


What you must bring to your appointment​​

If your application form is incorrect or incomplete, or you do not bring along the right supporting documents, you will have to book a new appointment and pay the appointment fee again.

You must bring with you:
If you are unsure about any sections of the form, leave them blank and complete them at your appointment.


Appointment fee (our fee)

The fees for our nationality checking service are:
  • Adults - £65
  • Children - £40

You must pay the fees using a credit or debit card at the time of booking.

Citizenship application fee (Home Office fee)

You will be asked to pay this fee by cheque, credit card or debit card at your appointment.
Find out the current citizenship application fees

Passport application fee (Home Office fee)

You will be asked to pay this fee by cheque, credit card or debit card at your appointment.

  • Standard passport (32 pages) fee for an adult is £72.50
  • Jumbo passport (48 pages) fee for an adult is £85.50
  • The fee for a child is £46.00

Book an appointment

Appointments are held Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 3.30pm.

You must attend your own appointment. No-one else is allowed to go on your behalf.
Book an appointment
Plese be aware that if you choose to reschedule an existing appointment your original booking will be cancelled automatically.
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