Energy and sustainability

Money Saving Boiler Challenge 

Turning your combi boilers' flow temperature down to 60 degrees could save you up to £112 a year on your heating and will not affect the temperature of the hot water from your taps and showers.  

Why should you do it?  

  • Save money on your bills: Turning the flow temperature will make your boiler more efficient and will save the average household around £112 a year.  
  • Reduce carbon emissions:  
    Reducing your households gas consumption will reduce your household carbon emissions.
    The Money Saving Boiler Challenge is aiming to encourage 10 million households to turn down their combi boilers flow temperature and this will save 1.7 million tonnes of carbon emissions. 

How does it work?
Combi Boilers work best when they heat the water that goes into your radiators at 60 degrees or below (this is called the flow temperature). Boilers are often set to temperatures far higher than this (70 or 80 degrees). If you reduce your flow temperature to 60 degrees your combi boiler will recover heat that would otherwise be lost so that it runs more efficiently, ultimately saving you money on your gas bill.  

Visit the toolkit website for evidence of how this change could save you money 

Will it work with my boiler?  
It is only encouraged to turn down the flow temperature of combi boilers if you have a water tank this challenge is not suitable for your boiler. Find out more details on whether the challenge is suitable for your household and your boiler.

How to do it?  
View a step-by-step guide on how to adjust your boilers flow temperature