Energy and sustainability

Prepayment meter support

If you have a prepayment meter you are entitled to government support with your energy bills including £400 off your bills.

The government has provided all households with £400 of energy bill support over the past winter. If you are using traditional prepayment meters you are entitled to this government support and will have been sent monthly vouchers from your energy supplier.

All vouchers must be redeemed by 30 June 2023.

What to do to redeem your vouchers:

  1. Make sure your supplier has your up-to-date contact details
  2. Check your post, texts, emails and spam for your Energy Bills Support Scheme vouchers.
  3. If you can’t find your voucher, or it has expired, your energy supplier can reissue it.
  4. Follow supplier instructions to redeem vouchers at top-up points. Take a valid ID with you.

Prepayment Meter Vouchers (PDF)