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Warm Home Discount scheme

If you are a pensioner or on a low income, you may qualify for the Warm Home Discount Scheme. This gives a rebate to pensioners on low incomes and some other customers on low incomes. You could get £150 off your electricity bill for winter 2022 to 2023 under the Warm Home Discount Scheme. This would be in the form of a one-off discount on your electricity bill, between October and March.

The scheme reopens November 2022.

If you are not a pensioner on a low income, you may still be eligible for the Warm Home Discount Scheme. Each energy company has different criteria, so contact your supplier to check whether you are eligible for.

Winter Fuel Payments

Residents can get between £250 and £600 to help pay your heating bills if you were born on or before 25 September 1956. Find out more at

Water Bills

WaterSure and WaterHelp can help make water bills lower, particularly for people who have lower income or need water for health conditions.

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As well as this financial Support there are also grants which fund Energy Efficiency (insulation) improvements.

More information and see if you are eligible.

Any improvement to the Energy Efficiency (insulation) of your property will mean you waste less energy and therefore allow you to heat your home for less money.