Support for businesses

Additional Restrictions Grant

The government recognises that some businesses that required to close because of COVID-19 do not directly pay business rates and therefore won’t be covered by the Local Restrictions Support Grant (LRSG) scheme and that others will not have been forced to close but will be significantly financially impacted.

Local authorities have therefore each been allocated an Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG), which will cover businesses not covered by LRSG. Funding can cover one or more of the following areas:

  • direct grants to business
  • business support e.g. advice and guidance for businesses, and skills training to support their ability to trade in changed circumstances.

A total of £10.1m of ARG has been given to the Council to cover the period up until March 2022. This is a single lump sum and the Council will receive no further amount.   

Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG) for small businesses

Guidance and criteria

In order to accommodate future lockdown measures, the grant will be distributed in phases. Please see below details on the different Phases (criteria may change at the time of launch). 

Phase 1


Businesses which do not occupy a commercial property directly on which they pay business rates and which were effectively forced to close during the second lockdown of 5 November-2 December and/or Tier 2 early closing restrictions of 17 Octobeer-4 November.

*Applications have reopened

If have missed the deadline for Phase 1 then please check the eligibility criteria and, if you believe you meet them, contact us.

More information on Phase 1

Phase 2

Suppliers to the retail, hospitality, events and leisure sectors (for business ratepayers and non-ratepayers occupying a commercial property)

*Grant application now open

More information on Phase 2 

Phase 3

Businesses which may be forced to close during future lockdowns and which are eligible to apply for grants in Phases 1 and 2

Phase 4

Larger local businesses and charities which are important to the local economy and which will use the funding to embrace Community Wealth Building practices.