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Educational psychology

On this page, you can find information about educational psychologists and how they work in nurseries and schools.

You can also find out where to get help if you are worried about your child’s learning, behaviour or emotional wellbeing.

​What is an educational psychologist?

Educational psychologists are trained psychologists and registered health professionals who specialise in child development. They are experienced in working with children and young people.
They work with parents, carers, schools, nurseries and children’s social care. They also work with other support services within our Children and Young People’s Services (CYPS) to support children’s and young people’s learning and social and emotional development.
They can work with an individual child, a class, group, or with a whole school when there is a concern.

When does an educational psychologist get involved?

A school or nursery (if they have chosen to buy a package of support from our service) will ask for a consultation with an educational psychologist if they are concerned about a child’s general learning, behaviour or emotional development.
Before a school or nursery refers a child to the Educational Psychology Service (EPS) they will discuss their concerns with the parent or carer and ask for their written permission before making a referral to the EPS.
If you have agreed for your child to work with an educational psychologist, you will invited to a consultation meeting, along with a school representative(s), representatives from other support services and the educational psychologist.
You can contact the educational psychologist at any time during this process.

Ask to see an educational psychologist

If you are worried about your child’s learning, behaviour or emotional development and you would like to speak to an educational psychologist about him or her, you should ask at your child's school or nursery to speak to the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO).

Other ways to help your child

Under fives

If you are worried about your child’s behaviour and he or she is under five years old, you can ask your GP or the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) at your child’s nursery to refer your child to the Child Development Centre to be assessed for any developmental problems.

Up to the age of 18 

You can also find help for a child or young person up to the age of 18 through the Newham Child and Family Consultation Service. The service provides specialist mental health support for children and young people with complex, severe or persistent emotional, behavioural or developmental problems.
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