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School meals

School meals offer great value for money as well as being tasty, healthy and nutritious.

They have the essential vitamins and minerals your child needs to help him or her grow, develop, fight infection and have the energy to lead a happy and healthy life.
Children looking at a school meals menu

Why choose school meals for your child?

There are many reasons why you should choose a school lunch for your child.
  • School meals offer a selection of freshly cooked main meals which meet the nutritional standards set by the government.
  • We follow the National Government Food Standards, which means all children will have at least one portion of fruit and one portion of vegetables every day.
  • Whether your child enjoys all food, is vegetarian or needs a special diet, we can cater for all your child's needs. A number of schools also serve halal meals. For more information speak to your child’s school directly.
  • A school meal is very good value. All children who go to a Newham primary school can eat for free, and we only charge £2.05 for secondary school children.
  • School meals are convenient; not having to make a packed lunch will save you time.
  • Children can sit down together to enjoy their meal. This develops their social skills and encourages them to try new foods.

We have been awarded the bronze Food for Life Catering Mark for most of our primary schools, which shows that the food on our menus is freshly prepared, free from additives and better for animal welfare.

Cost of school meals

Primary meals are free to every child in a Newham primary school.
Find out more about free primary school meals.
The price of a two-course secondary school meal is £2.05. We have one of the lowest prices for a comparable school meal when compared with other London boroughs. We also offer a a range of low-cost sandwiches and snacks. See our secondary school meals price list for full details.
If your child goes to secondary school and you receive benefits, your child may qualify for free school meals.

Primary school menus

We provide new menus to schools twice a year based on food that is in season at the time. The menu is rotated on a four-weekly basis.

These menu options will run until 20 October 2017:
Standard primary school meals menu (PDF)Halal primary school meals menu (PDF)Many schools follow the standard menu but each school can make ‘like-for-like’ changes to reflect its children’s preferences. Changes are agreed with the head teacher and must meet the government's standards for school lunches.

Our primary schools regularly run tasting sessions for parents and pupils. Contact your child’s school directly to see when the next session will take place.

Secondary school menus

Our schools serve nutritious food at breakfast, break and lunchtime so students can buy what they want at a time that suits them.

Main meal and 'lite bite' deals

Schools offer a selection of hot meals including a daily pasta or rice-based main meal. Included in the main meal deal is a choice of juice drink, milk, fresh fruit, yoghurt or a hot or cold dessert choice.

The 'lite bite' deal includes items such as jacket potatoes, tortilla wraps, deli rolls, sandwiches, pizzas and boxed salads, plus a choice of two items: juice drink, milk, fresh fruit, yoghurt or a hot or cold dessert choice.

These menu options will run until 20 October 2017:
Standard secondary school main meal menu (PDF) Halal secondary school main meal menu (PDF)

Additional lunch options

Your child can also choose from a range of sandwiches, salads, pasta, hot items and desserts.

These menu options will run until 20 October 2017:
Additional lunch options (PDF)

Cook's specials

A very popular option; kitchen staff produce their own signature dishes. These dishes are authentic and diverse, coming from all parts of the world from the East End of London to Asia, the Caribbean, Africa and Eastern Europe.

Student specials

The school invites students to make their own suggestions using our very own 'Come dine with me' sessions. At these sessions our cooks and managers meet and eat with the students to understand their points of view and talk about their suggestions.
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