Have your say about “Our Streets, Transport and Parking”

The quality of our local environment directly impacts the quality of life of everyone who lives, works, studies or runs a business in the borough. How the roads are maintained, getting around efficiently and affordably, how safe we feel, the quality of the air we breathe, the attractiveness of our public spaces, our ability to be active and exercise – all these issues effect our lives and wellbeing.​​​​​​​​​​​​​
From mid-January to early February 2019 the council will be holding a borough-wide conversation called Our Streets, Transport and Parking. This will be an opportunity for local people to have their say on matters relating to roads and the public realm via an interactive digital survey and three events across the borough.
The conversations on these issues will take place within the framework of the council’s commitment to the Mayor of London’s sustainable transport strategy for the capital and its promise to deal with traffic congestion that has an adverse impact on air quality and the residents’ health. But, crucially, also within a framework of creating fair and consistent parking arrangements for everyone.
Creating strategies to meet the differing needs of motorists, cyclists, businesses, public transport users, pedestrians and diverse community groups is complex. That’s why the council is seeking to hear input from as many different perspectives as possible in the Our Streets, Transport and Parking Forum events and online engagement.
Taking all the different voices into account is the best way to find solutions that can begin to satisfy the greatest number of people.
“There are tough choices to be made. These forums provide an excellent opportunity for our residents, businesses and other stakeholders to actively participate and help the Council to shape future Streets, Transport and Parking policies that affect all and I hope people will actively participate in these” - Councillor Zulfiqar Ali, Cabinet Member for Sustainable Transport and Highways.


Join the conversation - How to have your say 

Via the Online Platform - Polis

Polis is an innovative tool that has been used around the world to help groups understand themselves better, deal with conflicts in priorities, and move forward out of complex debate.
Polis goes beyond conventional online surveys, showing you precisely what others in your community think about the topic and letting you submit your own thoughts. This way, we can build a more complete picture of the issues that everyone gets to see. It also increases the chances of surfacing points of view that had previously been overlooked.

How do I participate in the interactive survey?

By clicking on the link below (available until 5 February) you’ll be directed to an anonymous virtual space where you can share your thoughts and ideas on streets, transport and parking issues.

The three ways in which you can get involved are:
  • Vote: Vote on other people's statements (select agree, disagree or pass/unsure).
  • Join in: If you want to add to the conversation, submit your opinion for others to vote on it.
  • Share: Share the link to this virtual conversation with friends and neighbours in Newham.
Update: 29 January - Due to reaching a limit of 350 comments any new comments submitted will not go into the survey for others to vote. However they will be taken into consideration for the council's review of parking and transport.
You'll find extra information on participating in a polis conversation here​.

If you’d like help accessing or using it, ask a member of staff at Newham’s libraries.​

At the Our Streets, Transport and Parking Forum events

Residents can offer their views, have informed discussions and listen to a variety of perspectives on the issues at one of three events taking place across the borough.

Places are limited and you must register to attend.
  • Saturday 26 January (2.30 - 5pm) Canning Town
  • Thursday 31 January (6 - 8.30pm) Stratford
  • Monday 4 February (6 - 8.30pm) East Ham
Full venue details provided upon registration. To register for your place please follow the link.​​

How can I find out about the results?

The outcomes of this public engagement will inform the wider transport strategy and in particular Newham’s parking review. Information on how residents’ input has affected the decision making will be provided by the council once the strategies have been created.​​​​ This will be in late April/early May. Results will be displayed on this webpage.​

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