Improving traffic flows in the High Street North area - east side

The Council is looking at options to reduce traffic volumes on local streets between Warwick Road, Browning Road and Sibley Grove. This means that the road layout and access to the area is likely to change.​​​​

Why are these changes being proposed?

The Council has received complaints from local residents about the high number of cars travelling through the area. In response to local feedback, we want to improve the street environment for local residents.

What has happened so far?

Following a safety review in 2015, the Council identified that the pedestrian crossing on High Street North, located between the junctions of Berkeley Road and Halley Road, was made unsafe by vehicles turning into High Street North from these local streets.

In early 2017, the Council reversed the one-way direction of traffic on Sherrard Road, Berkeley Road, Halley Road and Stanley Road to improve safety at the pedestrian crossing.

As a result, there was a welcomed reduction in traffic volumes on Berkeley Road while there was a significant increase in traffic volumes on Stanley Road.

In mid 2018 the Council undertook an extensive traffic data collection exercise to understand the exact nature of the traffic problems. This has shown that over 80% of vehicles are travelling from Romford Road and using this area to cut through to High Street North.

What is being proposed?

The Council is developing five design options which look at different solutions to improve the street environment for local residents in the area.

The five design options are described on the Options table. Each option provides positive changes and some challenges.


Your views

We want to find out your views before we develop these options further for consultation.​

It is important for the Council to understand local residents’ priorities so that we can develop a design proposal that addresses the most important issues for you.

The online questionnaire closed on Friday 11 January 2019 and we have now collated the results.

Next steps

We will review the feedback received from the questionnaire and our discussions with local residents to develop a final design proposal. Public consultation on the final design proposal will take place in early 2019.

When will the changes happen?

Subject to a conclusive engagement exercise, we intend to formally consult on a preferred options by the end of February 2019. ​At this stage, residents will also have the opportunity to comment and make suggestions for detailed aspects for the preferred option.​​

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