High hedges

Is your neighbour's hedge causing problems? On this page you can find out what to do if you think your neighbour's hedge has grown too high.

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Problems with high hedges

If your neighbour’s high hedge is causing you problems, read the Government’s advice on high hedges. It is important that you read this information first, before you act.​

Steps to take before you complain to us about a high hedge

Before you can complain, you must take the following steps to solve the problem.
  1. Write to your neighbour to ask them to do something about the hedge, if you do not get an answer, write again. If you still get no answer, go on to step 2. Be sure to keep copies of your letters as proof.
  2. Arrange mediation (a meeting between you, your neighbour and someone independent of the problem) to talk it through.
  3. If step 2 fails and you want to complain to us, you must tell your neighbour that you will be making a complaint.
Use Justice to help you find a mediation service near you. Justice is run by the Ministry of Justice.

Complain about a high hedge

To make a formal complaint about a high hedge use our online form:
We do not charge to deal with complaints, but if we take formal action there may be a charge of £300.
When we deal with your complaint, we will not mediate nor negotiate for you. We will make a judgement based on the facts and decide whether the hedge is affecting your ‘enjoyment of your property’.
If we think the facts support your case we will send your neighbour a formal notice telling them to sort out the problem within a given time limit. If your neighbour does not do as we say, we can take them to court, and he or she could be fined up to £1,000.

High hedges: more information

These publications have useful information on high hedges.
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