Senior staff salaries

As part of our commitment to transparency in our finances, we publish the salaries paid to our senior managers.

Senior staff salaries

Job title​ and name Salary​ Full or part-time​

Chief Executive, Kim Bromley-Derry

£196,950​ Full​ time
Chief Operating Officer (COO), Nick Bracken
£144,982 - £161,602
Full​ time
Assistant Chief Executive - Strategic Services, Douglas Trainer
£96,551 - £111,674
​Full time
Assistant Chief Executive and Director of Business and Growth, Tony Clements £96,551 - £111,674
Full time
Director for Financial Sustainability, Deborah Hindson
£101,038 - £122,312
Full​ time
Director for Planning and Regeneration, Deirdra Armsby £96,551 - £111,674​ Full time​
Director for Public Health, Meridan Peachey £96,551 - £111,674 + £11,000 market supplement Full time
Director for Commissioning (Adults), Grainne Siggins
£101,038 - £122,312​  Full​ time
Director for Commissioning (Community and Environment and Community Infrastructure)
£96,551 - £111,674
Full​ time
​Director for Commissioning  (Children), James Thomas £101,038 - £122,312 + £2,500 market supplement​
Full time
Director for Commissioning (Enforcement and Safety), Matthew Hooper
£96,551 - £111,674
Full​ time

Newham contracted directors of oneSource

oneSource was developed by the boroughs of Newham and Havering to share back office support services, resulting in savings and more efficient ways of working.
It is estimated that £40million will be saved by 2018/19 through sharing 22 different services and 1,350 staff in areas including human resources, finance, payroll, legal services, facilities management and ICT.
Bexley's Finance Service have also now joined oneSource, which will further contribute towards lower management costs, reduced duplication and re-engineered processes.
​Job title and name ​Salary ​Full or part-time
Managing Director of oneSource (Shared with Havering), Jane West £136,350 - £151,500 Full​ time
Director for Legal and Governance (shared with Havering), Daniel Fenwick £101,038 - £122,312 ​Full time
​Director for Technology and Innovation (Shared with Havering), Priya Javeri £96,551 - £111,674 Full​ time

These details were correct when collected in November 2016.
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